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Re-Re-Re Re-Rig

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Music and lyrics by Max Headroom. So the rig is down and out on a greenhouse table where I can work on it in relative comfort. Good thing too, because there is a thick layer of snow and re-re-re Re-Frozen slush on the ground and all over the boat.

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So, I've gone over all the wire and fittings, and the only thing that I can find really wrong is the aft lower turnbuckles are both slightly bent. None of the shrouds were installed with a toggle, though the forestay and backstay each had one.
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The backstay is distorted where a pig-tail "topping lift" was crimped onto it. But beyond that, everything just looks oh-oh-oh Old. I'm guessing it's the original 1971 rigging. Except for the forestay, which I replaced when I installed the roller furling five years ago. So, I guess it's time for it all to g-g-g Go!

Hmm... doesn't really seem to be any way to inspect the forestay, since it is entirely enclosed within the foil, and the lower compression fitting is glued in place, as per the instructions. Well, only five years - almost entirely in freshwater. What, me wo-wo-wo Worry?

I've carefully meh-meh-meh Measured everything else and spent a couple of days shopping on-line and requesting quotes. Not quite as ba-ba-ba Bad as I feared. Another advantage to sticking with a small (ish) boat! I figure I can replace everything using Sta-Lok fittings and Hayn turnbuckles for about $1650 plus shipping costs. West Marine will do it all with swaged fittings for $1500. No shipping cost but I'd have to dr-dr-dr Drive into PDX to drop off the old stuff and again to pick up the new. I could probably find some other tasks to share the trip. It's almost a wa-wa-wa Wash! I had thought the difference would be a bit larger, since Sta-Lok is expensive, but it looks like WM is quoting almost twice the price for the wire as some other sources. The quote does state that it's of US origin, while I suppose the other stuff might be imported. Plus of course there are some la-la-la Labor charges.

So I have a couple of days to de-de-de Decide. The only reason I can think of for going with the more expensive Sta-Lok rigging is that the whole thing would be more field-repairable. Oh, and for the sheer fu-fu-fu FUN of it all.

One unresolved issue is the exact backstay length. After I installed the roller furling and tuned the rig, I could not achieve the 2" aft rake specified in the manual. At best, the mast is plumb. So, I figured that I must had fu-fu-fu Fouled up the lengthy algebra of figuring the RF forestay length. I could correct that by adding a toggle at the forestay. But that doesn't really make sense because I had to crank down the backstay turnbuckle almost all the way to get the specified tension on the wire. So I don't see how the roller-furler assembly can possibly be any shorter than the old forestay was. And still it disturbs me how the foil seems to pump going upwind in lumpy conditions. Could the backstay have stretched that much over 48 years? Could the hull actually be bending? I'm currently inclined not to add any length to the forestay. Providence (eBay) has supplied a Ronstan backstay adjuster to allow more ad-hoc experimentation, though I'm not sure this mast is actually going to beh-beh-beh Bend enough for that to work well. (Edit: I was just walking by, so I picked up one end of the mast and wobbled it in the fore-aft axis. Bendier than you'd think...)

Another possible issue is the potential replacement of the chainplates. I figure that moving the cha-cha-cha Chainplates outboard would widen the base of the triangle by 3" muh-muh-muh MAX. If my calculations are correct, that makes the shrouds about 0.7" longer, which should be well within the adjustment range of the turnbuckles.

Man it's cold. I think my teeth are cha-cha-cha Chattering!

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Updated 02-18-2019 at 12:31 PM by toddster (problem with photos?)

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  1. toddster's Avatar
    Duh... Of course those shrouds had toggles. My helpers during the haul-out simply pulled the pins at the top of the toggle instead of the bottom. The toggles are still attached to the boat. And my measurements are off by two inches. :roll eyes:
    So that doesn't explain the bend.

    Another dumb discovery of the day: My Rule 2000 bilge pump requires a 15 Amp fuse. But the (sold separately) Rule bilge-pump switch panel comes with a 10 Amp fuse. Spares for neither of which were on board, so far as I could discover. I think I need to replace that thing with a circuit breaker... Fortunately, still sailing the back yard and supplies are but a ladder-climb away.

    Corollary: I have a long way to go in fixing deck leaks.
    Updated 02-18-2019 at 03:31 PM by toddster
  2. toddster's Avatar
    Finally got the new rig back! Now to find a couple of quiet days to put everything back together.
    At the last minute, I discovered that all the original chainplates had different hole sizes! Although all the shrouds were attached with 3/8" pins, the forestay has a 3/8" hole, the shrouds had 7/16" and the backstay had 1/2" ! Since I didn't do the "hands on" attachment at the boat yards in the past, I never noticed before.

    Also found a lot of corrosion during disassembly. There is some clean-up to do there. Will use lots of tef-gel and insulating tape upon reassembly.