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Servicing a SailTec Back Stay Adjuster

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After a season of having our Sail Tec integral adjuster "go slack" after aywhere from 2 hours to a day or so, I called the company at the end of November.
I spoke to Bob, who seemed very knowledgeable and might be one of the principals.

He told me Not to just send it in for a rebuild. First I should follow his instructions for getting any air out of the system (and maybe resetting the valve seat?)
So I got to this project today. It's been a very busy December and today I had time and the weather even cooperated with cold sunshine all day.

After doing all the prescribed procedures, it instantly pumps up to presure and I left it at 500#. Tomorrow I shall inspect it for changes / loss of pressure. Since it pumped with a completely different feel to the pump this afteroon, post-purge, I do have some faith that it will be better.
(I sure hope so, anyway. It's partly the money and partly the hassle of sending it away for fixing.)

Aside: it took about an hour to rig up a way to put tension on the stay and hold it roughly in place so that I could pull the pins and remove the adjuster. I used a spare vang tackle to put some tension on the stay so that I could pull the pins.

Here are the notes I took from that conversation with SailTec:

t/c to Bob @ SailTec about our backstay adj.
11-28-12 , am.

Steps to Refresh the cylinder and fluid:

1 - Open the valve.
Fully extend the rod.
Close valve
Turn unit upside down and push down all the way to swallow the rod.
Repeat this a couple of times.

2- Turn it back up to its upright position.
Open valve and leave open
Pull the rod all the way out.
wait 30 minutes


3- Now Pump it down.
You may have to open the the valve and pump it 20 or 30 times. This would remove any air that's out of place.

Leave it at about 500# when off the boat. 800# OK too.

These usually go 7 to 10 years before needing any rebuild.
Good idea to put a "cover" over the top where UV can degrade the seal.

*Added Note, three days later: I checked the backstay and it has held steady at the 500# I left it at. So far, so good!
Plus, it's always nice to find a vendor/manufacturer who first offers advice to try and save the customer some money! Now that's a good company.

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