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Who is EricsonYachts.org?

This website was created to celebrate the ownership and enjoyment of the Ericson Yacht line and recreational sailing in general. It is hoped that this site will encourage existing Ericson owners and prospective Ericson owners to share insights, ideas, tips, and other information in the furthering of this effort.

Founded in 2000 by Sean Engle, this website replaces the old www.EricsonYachts.com website which was sold to, and then content obtained back from, Pacific Seacraft Corporation in 2004. This site is not a commercial venture, and in no manner has legal or supporting linkages to Pacific Seacraft Corporation. Specific history of this site can be found here.

This site is a cooperative effort among many individuals who desire to promote the Ericson Yacht line by providing a vast amount of information to interested parties. Comments on this site, its content or policies may be made via the contact page.