Just reading through this thread. I replaced the old rub rail on my 1981 E-36RH with a custom rail from a place in California. I made them a working drawing of the shape of the rail that I wanted and they made a special extrusion die and made me a rail. It fit great but over time I was not happy with the relatively soft rubber that they used to make it. It doesn't stand up to UV very well and leaves white streaks on my dark blue hull after a rainstorm. As a result, now 8 years later I am going to have to do it all over again.

The problem with my boat (I'm not sure how other 80's era Ericsons were made) is that the hull and deck form a lip that sitcks out from the boat at some points as much as 1/2". So, whatever rub rail that I eventually buy needs to have a rear clearance of at least that much. This makes the rub rail itself stick out pretty far from the side of the boat. It becomes a problem when the boat is launched and the crane slings pull up on the rail material and bend it upward and off. It's also a problem at a mooring when a launch takes you alongside and the handrail on the launch bounces up and bashes into the large overhang of the rub rail. To avoid this problem I'm planning to grind down the existing lip in a few places and buy a shallower depth rub rail. I will need to fix any existing holes and re-bed all of the mounting screws, but it will definitely look and work better. I am considering the Taco rail this time. The one I'm looking at is made of a hard vinyl that I think will be a lot better than the rubber.

Any way you look at it it will be a big chore.

Steve Schwartz
E-36RH "Glory Days"