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Thread: Looking at a $3000 OBO E-30

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    Shawn, I definately think she's worth a closer look! Boats THAT cheap are hard to come by and IF the standing rigging, bulkheads and even the engine MIGHT be seviceable she'd be a cheap "daysailor" at best(wouldn't concider anything that cheap for offshore use). A buddy of mine bought a 28' KIT boat awhile back and never did get around to finishing the interior(20 years ago) so he's got himself a cavernous daysailor now.

    CWM, You must have been in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time! Any idea "how much" to get'r to the present condition? What did she look like when purchased? Does the PO have anything else he'd like to get rid of?
    Steve '79 E23-2-CB #468 YKNOT
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    >> CWM, You must have been in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time! Any idea "how much" to get'r to the present condition? What did she look like when purchased? Does the PO have anything else he'd like to get rid of?

    Those are the photos of the boat as purchased.
    Total cost so far: about $12k, including $1,250 to buy her.
    Two other people agreed to buy the boat, then backed out.

    The boat as purchased had strong pros and cons.
    The boat showed very well, new Harkin III furling gear, new jib, relatively new main, new standing rigging, new running rigging, new upholstery, new cockpit cushions, new carpet, epoxy bottom (new means within last 2 years)
    Atomic 4 was leaking oil and salt water ($400 to steam clean the bilge) and it looked neglected, prop strut had broken free from the hull, two sea cocks were inoperable, two thru hull backing plates needed replacement, holding tank was leaking, several rain water leaks,

    Changes I have made:
    New boom, remove and sell Atomic 4 ($550), put epoxy in shaft log hole, install new outboard motor and motor mount, remove 5 thru hulls, glass over holes for 4 thru hulls, one new thru hull-backing plate-sea cock-hose, install 110v system including control panel and GFCI and power cord, replace most of the 12v wiring and control panel, remove head and holding tank, purchase portable head, fix water leaks on windows and hand rails and deck to hull joint and chain plates, replace top of forward hatch, replace all navigation lights, remove fresh water system (tank, hoses, pumps), install city pressure water system, install new VHF radio, repair companion way hatch (had some dry rot), replace battery, install solar power vent in forward hatch, remove exhaust riser, paint bottom, have hull waxed, install vents on storage areas,

    To be done:
    Sail her (someday!), remove fuel tank, "varnish" interior, setup anchoring system, relax

    The next owner will get quite a deal, but I am happy with the results.

    PS: I saw the PO yesterday, and he told me that the Atomic 4 had a cracked block.

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    Shawn, go with the E-30. I've sailed on from 1989- 2007, when I bought an E-38.

    THe E 30-1 is the best sailing boat I have ever driven.
    Kevin Padden
    1980 E 38 Rettsie, Hull #3

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    did you buy her?

    did you buy her?

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    The Triton was 28' only,

    but there was a 30 footer which was very similar-might have been a Vanguard, or Wanderer-I don't recall the name it had-but there was a series of Pearsons-all full keel, and all similar, with names like these. The Invictus was a bit bigger (32 or 34?), but if you like this style of boat and it passes a survey you will like it as much as any. Happy hunting!


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    It was known as the Pearson Coaster

    The 30 foot Pearson that was a dead ringer for the Triton except slightly larger overall. It was designed by a guy named Shaw after Alberg and Pearson had a parting of the sheets. His early designs were Alberg knock-offs.

    Very pretty boat. I know of one for sale in Portland (OR) for I believe $6000 if anyone is interested.

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