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Thread: Head Plumbing Project E 38

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    Head Plumbing Project E 38

    I removed the holding tank and cleaned with bleach. I Eliminated the vented loop, Y valve direct discharge route all together. The head now runs direct to the tank and can be either pumped out through the deck fitting or through the manual whale pump. I replaced all of the hoses with sealand odorsafe hose. I rebuilt the manual pump replacing all of the seals and sandblasting the metal housing and priming with zinc chromate primer then painting. I eliminated the exiting water tank vent into the sink and installed a small vent in the shower. I filled the old holes with epoxy. I had to weld new studs on the bottom of the sink to reinstall as the old ones were rusted off. I repainted under the sink. I capped the old t-hull for direct discharge and plan on using it for a keel cooler when my aircooled refridge craps out. I wanted to be able to flush the head at the end of the day with fresh water but I did not want to have to put a plug in the sink drain or listen to air sucking from using the sink drain as an intake so I put in a t fitting with a valve similar the setup for the icebox pump that also can supply salt water to the galley sink. When you want fresh water you close the sink drain t-hull and head intake and open the valve on the t. Then run fresh water down the sink and pump the head. When done close the t valve. This way I leave the boat with all the t-hulls for the head area closed. Then open them when I return. Project is not 100% done as I am waiting on a piece of 3/4 " hose for the intake and need to put the head back. I also replaced the vent line and added a holding tank vent filter from sealand.
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    Sounds like a thorough and well thought-out project Ted!

    My only concern is that I think I see a Sch 40 and a Sch 80 PVC elbow on two seacocks. Is that right? I'd replace them with Marelon to perfect the installation.

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    Head Plumbing Project

    Nice work Ted. I also eliminated the "Y" valves on my 35-3 when I replaced the holding tank and plumbing lines last weekend. I just have to install the "T" s and valve to tie the sink drain and the head water inlet line together to allow for a fresh water flush (although I don't know its as critical since I eliminated the "Y" valves and bunch of standing plumbing). Like yours - my head now discharges directly to the holding tank via a very short line and tank dischage will be via the deck pump out or manual whale pump overboard.

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    Get this - -
    Found out this week that previous owner replaced head hoses with black exhaust hose. No wonder I couldn't get rid of the smell. Replacing all with SeaLand OdorSafe white hose.

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