Hey everyone. Welcome to the next edition of Fernando bought a boat, WTF was i thinking. In September my beautiful 1990 Ericson 32-200 had a not so dripless dripless shaft seal. Problem turned out to the shaft and required a haul out. it took about a week for everything to get organized and get my pretty girl back in the water. The last bottom job was 3.8.18 with 2 coats of interlux ultra. Last month my bottom scrubber reported the paint is beginning to flake on the keel. The hull was in good to fair condition. ive been told that the time out of the water is a problem for the paint and i should get to repainting it. The PO said it should be okay for another year since the keel is lead etc. Guys at my YC has mentioned it should be done ASAP.

So here i am asking for the collective wisdom of my Ericson Brethen for advise and suggestions to supplement my limited knowledge on my first real sailboat. Many thanks in advance.