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Thread: Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

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    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Looking to replace the furler on my E38. Any tips, advice, experience with this?

    I was looking to rebuild the existing drum assembly but it's taken weeks to find out I can't get a replacement bearing. So, not looking for advice on repairing the old one.

    Thanks in advance
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    Cool Perhaps a Harken

    Hmmm.... a short trip down the furler route to memory lane.

    Our '88 boat came with a beat up Tuff Luff double foil, and after purchase in late '94, we decided to install a furler in '95. I did all the usual research and the "major" brands all seemed to be well regarded. Harken was at the top of most evaluations, altho Schaefer was usually very close.
    Went with a new Harken Mk 2. This was fine until sometime last year when it commenced to binding internally - somehow somewhere - was difficult to roll in sometimes. Finally for what turned out to be the 'last sail for 2018' it jammed on a 20 kt day and luckily we had another couple aboard and my friend was able to go forward and hand-turn the drum. I was stupid and did not turn the boat around and do all this downwind -- cost me $200. to repair a tear in the jib. (Plus half the slugs in the main broke -- interesting afternoon, it was.)

    So in February I talked to a local sailmaker/rigger about a repair or replacement. He pointed out that most parts for the old one were no longer available.
    Quick, but studied, decision to replace.
    New Harken Mk 4. All is working fine this season.

    BTW, and funny to have the subject come around now, but I just last week replaced the little ratchet block at the aft pulpit base that turns the furling line up to a cleat. After all these years, the little delrin bearings in the old one crumbled, again on a planned 'last sail'.... Luckily I have a source for wholesale purchases from Fisheries.

    You will have to check the specs for size of sail and diameter and length of stay and see what is appropriate.
    And, Do Not Forget to replace the head stay. (!)

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    Lots of strong opinions on furlers. I use ProFurl because in my experience they are (1) good, (2) cheap (3) easily owner installable. I am in the process of installing a new model C350 on my O34. I think that would also fit your E38. Best price I could find was $1875 at:

    Typical answer on the "best" one is Schaeffer or Harken. I've heard strong negative opinions on profurls, but I have used them for 25 years with no problems.

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