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Thread: Marinebeam Navigation Light Installation

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    Marinebeam Navigation Light Installation

    I've had a pair of MarineBeam LED navigation lights sitting around in boxes for about a year. Finally decided to put them on. They're a slick design, the LED enclosures are very well sealed. And at 2 Watts, they use 1/5 the power of the old lights. My old Aqua Signal lenses were so dull and faded they weren't putting out much light anyway.

    My only concern about the Marinebeams was that the mounting bracket itself is plastic. That's all the two mounting screws pass through to hold the fixture.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My stern lamp is right next to the boarding ladder, which I use all the time because my boat is on a buoy. Whatever I'm carrying--coolers, tools, ropes, boat-hook, Etc--goes right through that ladder slot in the stern rail, and I was worried about catching an edge of the new lamp (which is wider than the old Aqua signals) and cracking the plastic bracket.

    The answer was to make a larger stainless steel backing plate, to attach to the original backing plate.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just saw this the other day when I checked the MarineBeam website, "New for 2019, Stainless Steel Navigation Lights." And they're only about ten bucks more than the plastic ones.
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    Nice looking lights.

    You could always make covers of you have any scrap from an old sail cover. A simple flap with a few clasps would defeat UV. We rarely use running lights, they just sit there suffering in the sun.
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