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Thread: Bootstripe or No Bootstripe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddster View Post
    Great minds think alike?
    Jeez, NOBODY wants their mind to work like mine. Get help while you can (laughing)

    As a completely random aside... back in the IOR days, owners went nuts trying to find ways to tweak their boats to try to get a slightly-more-advantageous "rating". It was part of the game (some would argue it is what killed the game, but) in general it involved making the measurements come out in a way that made the rule think your boat was heavier and slower than it really was.

    One high-end program took that to an extreme. When "Jubilation" (a brand new custom Frers 50-footer) was due to be measured, the owner had it trucked up to Lake Tahoe so it could be measured in fresh water. The boat sank ever-so-slightly deeper in the water than it would have in salt water, so according to the math it measured out as a "heavier" boat and got a rating that was 1-2% better than their competition. Then they trucked the boat down to San Francisco for the Big Boat Series, where their rating purportedly helped them win their division. (in truth, probably not much - their crew was stacked with the best of the best, and they sailed a brilliant regatta, but that 1-2% rating difference makes for a better story)

    Protests ensued and the end result was that the IOR measurement ended up with a new part of the process - forever more, the IOR measurer had to measure the specific density of the water the boat was floating in when it was measured, so that nobody else could get through that 1-2% freshwater loophole ever again.

    Ah, the good old days...
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    Ah, you guys really are sailing /sailboat geeks! But I love it, keep it coming!!! 😊

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    . . . . but water density has no effect on the fore/aft or port/stbd trim, where this thread started. It hasn't been mentioned yet but if trying to trim the boat I prefer moving equipment over trim ballast by far. May as well get additional benefit out of trim weight.

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    That Ericson swimming pool in Irvine--it was salt water?
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    My E380 squats ever so slightly in the stern and I don't have hardly any gear on board right now. When I have the Honda generator, our folding bikes, stern water tank full, full tank of fuel, it squats much more. I've also considered raising the anti-fouling paint line a bit.
    This was this past weekend. We sailed over to Onancock for one last outing before haul out.

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