I'm committing to the glow plug switch to the solenoid to glow plugs project and I need to know.

In the diagram provided by marinehowto.com I have:

A) A 10 AWG min fuse from the starter post to the solenoid. Fuses are good I like them, AWG = 10 amps minimum? yes? can a larger fuse be used in this position? How large, Max amperage?
Three questions for one.

B) How about a large amperage fuse, say 150 amps between the "I" side of the solenoid switch to the Glow Plugs ? Would a fuse that large be overkill?

P.S. One last question please I don't see any power coming from the alternator? or Batts? so all the power travelling through the switch is coming from the Starter Post during crank?
A two fer.

Amazon is offering a Cole Hersee (24059 BP) including two of these 150 amp fuses and I'm thinking this can work. Open to any comments or suggestions,