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Thread: Bow Locker Drain Question E38

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    Bow Locker Drain Question E38

    We have a 1982 E38. The bow locker has a single 3/8" drain that runs from the front of the locker, and to an outlet inside the chain locker along the bow just above the water line. This 3/8" clear PVC hosing was connected to a copper elbow that was embedded into the fiberglass of the boat at the bow. Not a good design as the copper elbow broke. I'd like to replace the drain line with a bit more substantial line, maybe 5/8"?

    Wondered if anyone had any solutions they have used? One thought was to plug the original hole and to install two drain lines on the port and starboard side of the locker that drained to the port and startboard, maybe a foot above the waterline. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    If the original tube in the stem is useless now, I'd drill it out and glass in a new one.

    A little awkward working through the V-berth door, and might need some creative maneuvering.

    Is a larger hose necessary? Mine works fine, although we don't get mud in the chain locker here.

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