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Thread: New electronics completed

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    The wheel A/P is a very good choice for me and that is why I kept it. Using the heading output of yours is a very good additional benefit too! The shift to complicated hydraulic units for smaller boats is unfortunate; more money, more power and a lot more installation work. Thanks for your info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Williams View Post
    Big fan of EV-100. Good under sail up to waves and whitecaps, good all the time when motoring.

    Video review:
    I had someone install my EV-100 six years ago. Although I was shocked how loud it was and how many grinding sounds it made, it worked great. The installer assured me that was the way it was supposed to work. As I added chart plotter and wind instruments in later seasons, I was amazed at what a great job it did maintaining a course in most conditions. However, this year it has been struggling in all but the flattest conditions. After shopping for all the spare parts I'd possibly need, it turned out that buying a new head unit made sense. Five weeks ago, I had a >300 mile solo sail in some challenging conditions and the old unit just didn't keep up. It "knew" where to go but it couldn't keep the course without me sitting at the helm helping it. This was exhausting over the 3+ days I was out. Last week, I swapped the new head unit for the old. I just got back from a three-day cruise with the new head unit and I could not believe how quiet it was. It never made a grinding sound and worked perfectly for over 100 miles. It only took me about ten seconds to get used to how nice and quiet it now was. I just pulled the old head unit apart and it appears that installer had sprayed some kind of lubricant into the wheel. I had repeatedly rinsed it with fresh water over the years but it was still full of gray gunk. Raymarine cautions not to spray anything in there besides water.
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    Yes, the belt drive of these things needs to be sluiced out with water -- sometimes twice a day. That stops much of the noise.

    Brief demo here:
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    Iíve gotten many good years out of the EV 100 system. Would prefer the hydro but not sure of the space to make it fit a 32.
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