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Thread: 34' Ericson yacht for sale-Long Beach CA in great shape

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    34' Ericson yacht for sale-Long Beach CA in great shape

    Ericson 34 MK II, 1989. Long Beach $41,000 - a beautiful cruiser and capable racer that’s in great shape. Designed by Bruce King, the boat has a Harkin Jib Furler, Doyle Stack Pak, Doyle Sails, Autohelm ST4000, 2 blade Max Prop feathering propeller, Garmin 740 Chart Plotter, etc. Contact 855 600 7750 or Glenn at 559 630-5016 or Steve 559 930-8119
    More information at:
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    Pete and I viewed this boat last month. It is in excellent condition. The exterior gelcoat is almost perfect and everything below is super clean. Canvas looks great, nice stack-pak. If you’re looking for an E34, it has to be the cleanest one around.

    (I have no relationship to the seller - and we did not make an offer on the boat only because we decided to keep looking for an E35 with the different layout below.)
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    Thumbs up Nice

    Being very familiar with the EY-installed gear of that era on our own boat, the pictures certainly do show a really clean vessel.

    Some of the descriptive wording is pretty funny/odd, tho.
    "lazerus" and "benches" to name only a couple. It's as tho the person who wrote it up for the web was not the actual owner/sailor of the boat.

    If we were not content with our Olson, we would probably buy it. Of course trucking it up the NW is probably 3 or 4K, these days. Still a great price, tho.

    Interesting comment about the different interiors. The 34 interior design layout traded a smaller nav station for a second fridge/freezer option. That's nice.
    I love the large nav desk on our Olson...
    But then, the 35-3 has a shower stall.
    Choices and Options!
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