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Thread: Ericson 37 owner “Hello”

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    Ericson 37 owner “Hello”


    I am the owner of an Ericson 37 that has been in our family since 1976.

    The boat is in fantastic condition but that has not always been the case.

    She came with the optional $265 cutter rig upgrade, a “double head rig for genoa staysail” they called it. There was also a $200 shag carpet option. I’ve since lost the club boom and thrown away the staysail.

    Impetuous handles like a couch when motoring, but she sails like she was designed to, fast and powerful. She is Hull #29 of I believe 55 built, if memory serves.

    We go out every Saturday and we push her hard, because the conditions on San Francisco Bay demand it.

    Down below can be wet enough to require foulies and smells of diesel, WD40 and cigars. I love it!

    Thanks for the great website.

    Regards to all, Jeff

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    Welcome aboard! I like the 37's. One of the best looking of the Ericsons. For companionship and advice, you can't beat this site.

    I sailed the SF area and the coast mainly in a San Juan so I know about that wet wild feeling. Here on the Straights of Juan de Fuca, it is just as wild but on a less predictable basis. I was a General Contractor in the Bay Area so I know your profession well. The Bay Area got too crowded so, when I retired, I moved to the Olympic Mountain area where the one large city is Port Angeles, population 19,700. Love it. I'm sure the Bay Area was thrilled to see me go.
    Bob Morrison
    1987 E-34 Hull #15
    "Terra Nova"

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    Too many people here in the Bay Area but sailing makes it bearable.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    I grew up in Mill Valley. Now I sail Lake Champlain but still remember anchoring at Angel Island when I was a kid.
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