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Thread: For your viewing pleasure!

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    Great clip

    Quote Originally Posted by TimTimmeh View Post
    Hi Ericson owners,

    My friend, a pro videographer, brought his drone for a sail today, and this was the result; It was a bit hair raising for him having never flown from boat over water before, and the near freezing temperatures caused a couple low voltage emergencies, but the drone survived and got some amazing shots. Most of the day was 10-15kts, but we only flew during the really light stuff.

    ‘Great clip’ nothing else requires to be said.
    Merrimist in Bermuda

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    That's a wonderful video. Thanks.

    Did you consider adding some more info on Youtube, e.g., the boat model, location, drone info, etc?
    Stefan Michalowski
    San Juan Island, WA
    1988 Ericson 34 "Talpa"

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