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Thread: 2018-2019 Fund Raising Season is Open (late-as-it-is)!

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    Heart 2018-2019 Fund Raising Season is Open (late-as-it-is)!

    Well, here we are, two days before Christmas, and I am finally (officially) opening the fund raising season. We hope that all of you are well, and that you had a great sailing season this past summer. I know that like many years, this year has passed away too quickly, and it's difficult to believe that we're at it's end - yet again.

    This year was particularly difficult in our home - and is the reason for the majority of my silence here. This year we lost both my father and my childhood best friend -- their passing coming a mere three months apart. In going back to Charleston and Cleveland for their funerals, I had the opportunity to chat with lots of folks about their own family losses, and I think in doing so, I've learned something about life that I knew before - but had not accepted fully.

    That is -- and we've all heard this before -- none of us know when the end is coming, and that we should strive to both live in the moment and maintain a long view of what it means to have the relationships we have. Common sense, right?

    Well, while my father's passing was not unexpected, the ending (and all the things that go with it) appeared to me to be so "un-extraordinary". I had no idea of what to expect - this was my first time dealing with this -- and yet, it appeared to me to be something so 'normal and commonplace' that (aside from one or two moments) I became annoyed that I was not breaking down, etc. The death came and went, the funeral came and went, the paperwork came and went, and on we go...

    And with my friend? Not so much. His death hit me light a freight train - and continues to. I'll spare you the details - but it seems like everyday I think of him, growing up together, being at most of each other's life events and it really upsets me.

    Anyhow - my point is that death is so un-extraordinary - while at the same time is so extraordinary -- so please take the time to let those in your life know just what they mean to you. And I don't mean just your spouse or kids - but your friends, extended relations and others whom you've knowing over the course of your life has been of benefit to you, and made your life a better place.

    I know that mamy of the EY.o folks have had a great impact on me. From the qwerkieness of some of you, to the general goodness and affection that others of shown (you know who you are). My life has been made better because of my interaction with all of you - and my enjoyment of sailing, etc.

    Ok -- all that aside - you know the drill on donations. Once a year we do this to help pay for the operational expenses of the site, and typically we get enough small donations to help cover everything. You can learn more on how to donate at this link:

    Thanks all of you who have donated in the past - your support of this site is appreciated by everyone who visits it, and is very much appreciated by me personally. We wish you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling upcoming season.

    Happy Holidays,
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    ...And now it's closed!

    Sorry for the silence - the fund raising season has closed and everything is up to date.

    I will be going through all the contributions and sending you all acknowledgements this week. Thanks to everyone who contributed this year - it's always gratifying to see how folks are using the site and getting answers they need to help maintain their boats, etc.

    My work life has been crazy - and for those of you not in Puget Sound - the traffic headache has not helped. Not to whine, but my day starts at 4.15 - so by the end of the day I am so zoned out from staring into monitors all day that all I want to do when I get home is lay

    Anyhow - I will run through the contributions this week and will advise - but we're set for the upcoming year!


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