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Thread: Website Failure 09/13/18

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    Exclamation Website Failure 09/13/18

    Hi Everyone -

    Sorry for the issues on the site and for it failing earlier today.

    The issue was actually that our host had upgraded to the newest version of PHP, the language used to control our site (if you look above, you'll note the '.php' extension on the URL address....). Because I have been anticipating moving us to a new platform, we are not on the latest vBulletin version - and when they upgraded, some of the calls at the front of the site were no longer supported - hence the failure.

    I had Pair roll us back to the previous version of PHP, and will plan on upgrading our version of vBulletin after I research it a bit. I will also look at what will take to move us to the new platform and put an end to things like this.

    As usual, if you have questions, please let me know.


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    Sean, thank you for the tremendous effort you put into maintaining the site.

    As a computer programmer my self I appreciate the frustrations of PHP version changes, upgrades and obsolescence.

    I think that is why the simple manual efforts powering sailing are so attractive
    Mike Field
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