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Thread: New Version - New Archive?

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    Exclamation New Version - New Archive?

    So, as some of you are aware, I've been looking into upgrading us to the next product level, and creating working mobile access. Some of you may have looked at the message on the Archives from 12/13 that said 'work in progress' and wondered what happened: I started working again...and the archives have to be manually-entered - so when questions about functionality came up, the work stalled...

    The issue with the archives is that the archives software is, and always has been, a 'hack' - an additional bit of software (not from vBulletin) which rides on top of the vBulletin base, and provides functionality. Some of you may recall the old archive system we had for some time - that ran into support trouble when the developer died of cancer in 2012... Since then, I'be looked at hacks and other options which seemed doubtful, and made me less-than-enthusiastic when having to key in the considerable amount of archives we have - by hand. This is because if/when you upgrade, the hack has to be supported by their developers, the app has to supported by the main app developers, and everything has be be brought up at the same time. This makes the process of simple updates much more complicated and time-consuming.

    So - since looking at the next upgrade to version/product (version 5.x) - I think I've decided to just put the archives within the forum framework so that we don't worry about losing developers or the interest of 3rd party apps any further. Then, we'll look at just modifying the templates to smooth over any navigation issues, etc. That way, 'hacks' will lose their importance on the site, and we can upgrade freely without having to worry about functionality, etc.

    I'll be looking at what it's going to take to do this over the next week or so, and then layout a schedule of conversion. I wanted to post this message so that you guys can voice any concerns or desires you have over the Archives and let me know what you're thinking (so please speak up now).

    Thanks much - Happy July 4th - have a good week ahead -


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    Great job.
    Still the best maintained sailing forum on the web.
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    Wonderful news. If we can help let us know.
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    Thank you, Sean. When you write of hacks, ride on top of and functionality I am like a deer in headlights. What you do to keep this site running so smoothly and looking good is a mystery and appreciated greatly by me. very much enhances my joy of sailing and maintaining my old boat.
    Bill McLean,
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    Talking The problem, illustrated

    So I did a search and found this great link........

    Could be any of us, sometimes!

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