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Thread: Adding Photos to a Forum Message

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    Adding Photos to a Forum Message

    Note: Use a desktop computer if possible. Mobile devices can confuse the software.
    Save confirmed orientation on desktop before uploading. Sideways photos can't be corrected after uploading, they have to be deleted and "start over."

    1. Initiate "Post New Thread" or "Reply to Thread"

    2. Scroll down beneath the message block to "Manage Attachments"

    3. Select "Add Files" to choose a new photo from your computer.

    4. Select "Select File".

    5. Double click on the chosen photo. Its name will appear in the "File Upload Manager" pane.

    6. Select "Upload File." Repeat for as many as five photos per message. Photos can be repositioned in the Editing Pane by dragging. When satisfied, select "Done."

    To remove photos from a post, or substitute them, return to the File Upload Manager. Check the photo displayed and delete it.

    The value of the forum photo system is that the site hosts its own pictures--permanently. There are no "dead" photo links after a few years, a shortcoming of colleague sites.


    Many uploading issues--sideways pix, pix too large--result from the use of photo-collection organizers like Picasa, which are designed to leave the original photo unchanged. Therefore, "Save" or "Save As" after editing any photo, or the uncorrected original may upload.

    A simple way to confirm that the correct photo version uploads is to save it to the desktop and upload from there.

    Regarding size: the measurement is in pixels, not KB. For example, 717 x 553. The larger number must be 800 or less. Re-sizing should be easy but can be confounding. In Picasa 3, "resize" is hidden within the Exporting function. In Windows Live Photo Gallery it's Edit/Resize. In iPhoto it's File/Export/Resize.
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    THANK YOU! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels lost in the wilderness without a step-by-step guide to this sort of thing.
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    adding photos to a forum message

    Thanks are a gentleman and for sure a scholar...and yes this is a terrific forum...I will be adding more myself...not to the extent you have, but hopefully my experience will also help other Ericson owners as you have...Happy sailing !!!
    Hasta Luego

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    This has been the process I've been using, but what about the other method? That is, on most of the places I frequent, I can take a photo from some other web site, such as say Photobucket (where I already have many of my photos stored), and then insert the photo directly using the


    technique. Anyway to get that to work here as well?
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    A previous link discussion.

    FWIW, I like Sean's concept of keeping pix and text all on this server to fight the problem of broken links.
    ...which does not mean that other methods are in any way "wrong", but just that other sites choose to have different ways of doing things.


    ps: Christian's advice to edit your picture and do a "save as" to your own desktop and then upload it from there is great advice.
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    Yes, maintaining photos here is a big deal to me.

    Elsewhere I find helpful articles from a few years ago but the photo links are too often dead.

    People change photo hosts over the years, and nobody can go back in time and update every link.
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