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Stern Access 30+

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I have been meaning to post this for awhile but only recently took some pics. The aft end of the 30+ is only accessible through the lazarette. It's not a comfortable space. Add a spare battery various hoses, and a hot water heater and its nearly impossible to get in there. And if one does manage to get in, they may be there for a very long time, possibly forever. Even the marine mechanic inspecting the engine and exhaust complained about getting stuck and he was about 5-3, 130 pounds and very nimble. There was no way I (a considerably larger and less nimble person) was going to be able to do the work needed back there without another access point. So I decided to cut the quarterberth bulkhead out.

The bulkead is not structural and just hangs down from the floor of the cockpit. The fuel pump and filter were mounted on this but all that was going to be replaced. I screwed a long straightedge to the bulkhead and ran a circular saw along it, then cut the end down with the Multimaster. I left a bit of meat on top to screw a batten in to hold the panel when replaced. The ease of access was tremendously improved, and I could now reach the aft end of the engine while actually being able to see what I was doing. The panel fits back in with a few screws and is barely noticeable when the cushions are replaced. This is a very easy and useful upgrade and I am not sure why the factory didnít do it that way already. The removable panel allowed me to replace the strut, install a new fuel tank, a new prop shaft and PSS seal, and actually change the transmission fluid, all of which would have been nearly impossible from the lazarette. I will eventually add some soundproofing to the panel.

Panel in place
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Panel removed
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Easy access!
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New fuel filter and pump location
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  1. woolamaloo's Avatar
    I fantasize about having rear access to the engine on my 30+. (I have a smaller and leaner buddy that Iíve helped enough that he gets in my lazarette for me.) Besides the oil filters, I also have the control unit for my autohelm and a huge junction box to protect my Raymarine network cables attached to that bulkhead. I had given up on taking out that bulkhead but your pictures are making me rethink it.

    I think the deciding factor would be how well can you access the steering quadrant? Any chance you can take a picture that shows that?


    Cleveland, Ohio
    1985 E30+ #685/Universal M18
  2. mjsouleman's Avatar
    Should I say ditto? I have seen others do a similar fix on this board and it is on my list. Maybe I will get to it this winter?