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Sailing school in Greece because of my YouTube channel!

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A lot has changed since my last first and last blog entry. I made it from Mid-Michigan down to Cleveland and bought my Ericson 35 Mark ll. I bought the bought from a marine mechanic who paid next to nothing for her from one of his customers who inherited the boat from his dad. The curtains inside literally fell to pieces upon touch. Everything was filthy and moldy and there were spiders and webs all over. It was a mess. My daughter and I stayed the weekend to clean out the inside.

The boat's name was Egress which I did not love. I've heard it's bad luck to change the name of a boat but in my mind I was given two options because the mainsail had a blue cover on it with large letters that read RECKLESS and omg I loved it!
The marina that Reckless was in did not have winter storage and it was time to get her out of the water. I found a marina a couple miles west and with help I motored her down and had her put up on the hard for winter.

After a long, cold winter Spring finally came and again with help, I installed a Garmin and took her across Lake Erie, up the Detroit river an into Lake St.Clair. It was an 18 hr non-stop trip. We both sailed and motored. The old Atomic 4 engine ran like a champ....until I ran her out of gas. It was around 4 am and entirely my fault. It was my job to check the fuel level. There is no fuel gauge so to check the fuel level there is a wooden stick that you put down into the tank like an oil dipstick. I was hungry, cold and tired and I just forgot to check it. We were just inside Lake St.Clair when it happened. We anchored, slept for 3hrs then called US Boats for a tow. Thankfully I bought tow insurance before we left and the tow was covered.

Long story short, that mishap led to a entire season (last year) of boat systems repair. I am not a mechanic. I had no mechanical experience going into this but I ended up replacing the ignition, the thermostat, the head gasket, re-tapping stripped out studs on the head (actually not even sure thats what that part is called) and many other jobs that I really had no idea how to do. YouTube and Moyer Marine helped me get through it all. I started my own YouTube channel called Sailing Reckless. I don't know if any of you have ever tried to film and edit video of yourself on your sailboat but let me tell you it's alot harder that it looks and sooooo incredibly time consuming! Honestly, I'm tempted to stop making the YouTube videos and just focus on the now and the work and the boat when I'm there but YouTube has opened up doors for me like you wouldn't believe.

I just got back home from 5 weeks in Europe all because of my YouTube channel Sailing Reckless!

That brings me back to why I'm back on here to engage with all of you again. The sailing community is now family to me. I was welcomed to join a group of sailors called The Sailing Jollies out in the Aegean Sea sailing along the Greek Islands. Check them out. They have a website and a loyal group of people who meet every year for a week or 3 or several to sail together.

Anyway, someone in their group watches my channel and so they decided to invite me out to join them to learn how to sail. It changed my life on so many different levels. I was supposed to be there for 3 weeks but it ended up staying longer. The airline that I booked my return flight home went into bankruptcy while I was there and ceased to be an operating airline so I had no ticket home! The only ticket I could afford to buy to get home was in Paris France and I was in Corfu Greece. I decided to turn it into a backpacking adventure. Good thing I only took a backpack with me! So I flew from Corfu to Vienna Austria. From Vienna I flew to Pisa Italy. From Pisa I took a train to Milan. From Milan I took a train to Geneva Switzerland and from Geneva I took another train to Paris. I stayed in Hostels along the way. I am a typical American. Having never left the country before this trip I thought for sure at some point I would be abducted and held hostage for ransom. Hahaha. I was so wrong. The hostels were great and I felt completely safe the entire time I was traveling alone. It was clear to everyone that I was 1. alone and 2. a foreigner (the giant backpack I was carrying around on my back) and even so, I was left completely alone. Never bothered at any time by anyone.

There's so much more to the story but I've a lot to get done today. My boat Reckless is back in the water and I have a carburetor to disassemble and clean out.
Check out my YouTube channelSailing Reckless and wile you're there please Like & Subscribe
Or you can go check out some of the pics of my trip (I took over 2000) on my Instagram Reckless_Carie

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  1. Loren Beach's Avatar
    Well, at least you did not listen to Frodo, who complained loudly that "Adventures... Make you Late for Dinner!"
    Nice to hear from you.
    Fair winds!!
  2. toddster's Avatar
    Reminds me of “back in the day” I saved up my shekels to buy a trip home on “People Express” airline. One of their minimum-wage workers got confused and put me on a plane to Portland Maine, instead of Portland Oregon. By the time I got turned around and headed West, the plane landed in Denver at midnight, (two or three days without sleep at this point) and said, “We Quit. Y’All are on your own!”
  3. Gary Holford's Avatar
    Too funny, my buddy, his Dad and I were moving a E27 he bought from Port Huron to the North Channel and we ran it out of fuel. No filter of course and sucked a load of crap into the carb and killed the engine. Had to surf/sail into Goderich. Good times and always an Adventure.
    Last year on a whim (bad day at work) I flew to Guatemala to look at a boat. Everybody was freaked about it. Even the cashier at the grocery store was worried about me and she's from Guatemala. I don't speak a lick of spanish and they don't speak english but I had no problems. Fell in love with the boat and the country, rest is history. Always an Adventure.