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Geoff W.

First two weeks of living aboard / Tunes at sea

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It's been almost two full weeks of living aboard Delightful now, here on Bainbridge Island. I still feel like I live in a fairy tale, most of the time. The Island itself is idyllic and gorgeous, and my marina location close to 3(!) quaint coffee and breakfast joints makes it easy to walk to whatever I'm looking for. Oh yeah - this time of year, every morning is a sunrise.

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(our very own Schoolboyheart's brand-new-to-him E32-200 pictured here)

I didn't have much of a problem adjusting to the new routine of walking from the boat to the marina showers (surprisingly nice), but it also hasn't been 40 degrees and rainy lately. I turn the coffee maker on before I go, and the boat smells like fresh coffee when I get back. Hell, everything smells exceedingly fresh all the time. "Low tide smell" hasn't struck the area yet. The locals are nice, and my neighbors are smiling and helpful. The marina supervisor lives on my dock - an endearingly gruff guy who keeps a hard eye on the place. He's accosted me a couple times now for trying to hang my bike, thinking I'm just a local resident stealing his tenant's spots. Some day he'll remember my name. Still, that's the sort of guy you want in charge of a place like this, I'd think.

Living on an E32-3 is great. When it was really cold out, I wished I had more insulation, but I've figured out the combination of blankets + space heater settings that work for me overnight. The first week was playing a game of "What combination of dehumidifier, space heater, and coffee machine settings WON'T blow the outlet breaker?" but again, trial and error got me there. Speaking of dehumidifiers, I can't rave enough about how well this one is working for me. The auto settings are perfect, it keeps the boat exactly where I set it, and in a weird way emptying the water tank feels like farming, or something. Tending to livestock. Maybe living alone on a boat is getting to me. As far as other chores, it took me two weeks of single-guy usage to need to pump out, and I've refilled my bow water tank once so far. I've fried a few eggs on the Origo alcohol range so far, but cooking is still out. I got an Instant Pot but need to get the rest of the kitchen together - chef knives, plates, and so on. I've never been much of a cook, and the Harbour Pub half a block away is so delicious....

I moved in refusing to become a float-aboard, and never go sailing again. Maybe I'm overdoing it, but I've gone sailing probably 7-8 times in the last 14 days. The wind is still up on Puget Sound, and my real life responsibilities easily fall to the wayside when it's blowing a steady 8-10 knots with a promise of sunset each time I go out.

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And hey, why not play some tunes while I'm out there.

So far, it's definitely honeymoon time with living aboard.

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  1. David Grimm's Avatar
  2. Schoolboyheart's Avatar
    Good stuff! Iím envious, but will have to live vicariously through you!
  3. Christian Williams's Avatar
    Great concertina work. I once almost toured the factory in New Ulm, Minn. "More good concertinas in New Ulm than anywhere else in the world." But you can't really live aboard in New Ulm.... Congrats on that.