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Lee Cloth "Quick Connect"

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Here is a little interior upgrade that I have been considering for a number of years. On our boat and many others, over the decades, I find that the attachment for the lee cloth is often fussy to deal with. Usually you are trying to secure yourself while the boat is rolling around and likely this is happening in darkness or with a dim red light at best.

A metal snap shackle would certainly do the job, but inevitably it will bang around on the bulkhead, bunk edge or the varnished sole. Some chance of scratches, or just the clatter waking up anyone else trying to sleep.

I found these on a UK chandler web site. Very common there, for all sorts or light duty loads. They promote it for spinnaker light air sheets, fender lines, and other uses. Safe working load is 100 kg. That’s 220 pounds as we measure weight here in the Colonies.

Oddly enough, I recall seeing them listed for sale in this country about 20 years ago. Cannot find them closer on any site, nowadays.

While this not going to see use very often, it should reduce fumbling around while one argues with a sleeping bag, pillow, harness, and misc foul weather gear and whatever else is involved in turning in at 0200 hours, just coming off watch.

Sold in pairs, red and green. I bought two sets, which will allow me have lee cloths each side of the main cabin color-coded. Very fashionable.

“Small World” observation — ordered on-line on a Friday and the flat pack was at my door via USPS the next Tuesday. I wondered if one of the daily 747 cargo planes coming in at PDX brought it? (I moor almost under the final approach...)

Here is the link:
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Updated 11-29-2018 at 07:46 AM by Loren Beach

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  1. mjsouleman's Avatar
    Hi Loren, I like the lee cloth, is that a DIY project?

  2. Loren Beach's Avatar
    They came with the boat, altho we are sure that the PO never used them. They are a heavy duty version of Phiffertex, with stitched hems and grommets.
  3. bgary's Avatar
    This is awesome! I've been looking for a set of nabshackles for a long time (light-air spinnaker sheets). Thanks for the link!
  4. Slick470's Avatar
    Huh, the light air spin sheets that came with our boat have those connectors on them. I didn't realize how light of a load rating they have. Being plastic, I'm not surprised. I also learned that they are exactly the shape and size of the spin pole jaw and it would get really jammed in there if I wasn't careful. So, I added some of those donut things, which of course adds weight and probably nils any weight savings I get by using the plastic clips...