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G10 praise

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One more close up of the new flange that better shows the G10 fiberglass plate.
I used some 3/16" scrap to make up this piece, and it took four pieces. They were joined with an overlay of two layers of light glass cloth on each side. Total thickness ended being about 1/4". For a light duty application like this it's very strong.

While I trust the epoxy bond, I added a few screws as well, to accompany the clamp pressure. After some thought I later removed them -- extra metal would add weight and slow down the boat. (!)

The image also shows just how wide one side of the new flange/base for the cover really needed to be. On the other side it was less, I should note.

Ya know, it's hard to imagine upgrading an older boat without access to G10 fiberglass plate in various thicknesses.
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Updated 08-04-2018 at 07:58 AM by Loren Beach

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