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O-34 Table Bolt-Down and Front Brace

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I was removing the dining table today to make more room in the cabin for some upcoming work. Good opportunity to document the changes made that greatly stiffen its attachment to both sole and mast.
When we bought the boat the stock sole attachment was two large bolts/screws in the front base and two in the rear base piece. These went into a piece of teak about the same width as the table bases were on top of the centerline joint in the sole sections. It tried to move a bit when I leaned on the table, and I worried that it might rip out of the sole if fallen against in a seaway.

I replaced both of the hidden teak pieces with aluminum plate and tapped some 3/8 holes in each one to take bolts from above with washers. Since the after plate, whether teak or metal, also supports the front of the bilge access plate of T&H plywood, that plate had to be wider.

The real "secret" is the piece of angle aluminum I used on the front of the table base. It "keys" well into the slot on the mast as the table is set down over the holes for those bolts. This *really* locks it in so that no ordinary force can budge it.

Anyhow, a few pix might help. This is likely of limited interest to non-Olson owners, but there may be models of Ericson's with a centerline table base mounted right behind the mast, but I cannot think of any offhand.
Note that the angle piece makes it really quick to remove the table in case you want to pull the mast.

I posed both of the underlying aluminum plates with bolts temporarily in place. Normally you would see only a little of the rear one when the bilge access is lifted. Bolt lengths are just long enough to reach thru, and not stick down and scratch your hands if reaching into the bilge for any reason.

This was well proven last trip we took up and down the WA coast in some occasional big seas -- easy to brace yourself against the table.

(When table is restored to position, the absent bottles of wine will be returned their places, too! )
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