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  1. GrandpaSteve's Avatar
    Thelonious is a beautiful and meaningful name for a boat, and music. I wonder what people would conjure from a boat named Geddy? It means a lot to me, but would many scratch thier heads and wonder?
  2. Rick R.'s Avatar
    Lol, or Alex Lifeson? Monk was the clunk to Miles' smooth, Mick's out of tune vocals to Little Feat's virtuosity, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the Grammy's vs the genius of Todd Rundgren.

    As a guitarist, I deeply appreciate CW's highlighting the difference between acoustic Django and electric Django..

    Sailing is good jazz.

    While most boaters look at the destination, we sailors look at the journey and get a much more fulfilling experience.

    Like the difference between laying your needle in the middle of Coltrane's solo on "Giant Steps", which makes no sense to the average listener, to starting from the top of the song where every honk, screech and octave bomb makes complete sense.

    Virtuosity in music, sailing or written word, is..........a wonderful thing!