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  1. It all started with a Vibration

    Every since we changed to a three-blade "cruising" prop a few years ago there's been some extra vibration when the engine was under load. It got worse in the last year, so I finally called on my friend and ace diesel mechanic to have a look and a listen. This was a couple weeks ago.
    What we found was that at about 1300 / 1400 rpm the engine would shake, visibly. While this was only (!) a problem for lower speed operations, it was pretty disconcerting. It was worse this summer than ...

    Updated 08-09-2011 at 09:45 AM by Loren Beach

  2. Ep

    by , 09-21-2011 at 12:45 PM (Electric repower of Lotus Flower a 1976 Ericson 27)
    Well, three and half years into life with electric propulsion (EP) on Lotus Flower a 1976 E27 I think it's time to log some thoughts on the web. I will start with a timeline of the process.

    Phase one;

    5/22/07 – Bought 1976 Ericson 27 “Lotus Flower”

    5/22/07 – 11/07 docked in Sausalito CA, sailed SF Bay with 6hp outboard

    11/07 - Sailed from Sausalito to Santa Cruz (6hp outboard)

    4/18/08 - $2000 Down payment for SolidNav Explorer ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
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  3. Just what is a "recreational use" product, anyway ?

    Reading over a current thread that discussed the dismal failure rate of a electrical solenoid valve on another boat, and the suggestion that an industrial valve assembly would be a better choice...
    I got to pondering how we all buy so many different parts for the various systems on our boats, and we all-to-often buy something that does the job for a short time and then fails.
    Perhaps many of us never totally come to terms with the concept that we are maintaining systems in a (often salt) ...

    Updated 01-05-2012 at 04:53 PM by Loren Beach

  4. Engines and Restorations

    Maybe I have (mis)spent too much time watching episodes of American Restoration, but a recent thread right here about success in bringing a neglected A4 gas aux. engine back to life got me to pondering...

    There is an entire micro-industry dedicated to those simple reliable old A4 gasoline engines. While I actually know a guy that overhauled his 60's Volvo diesel and got another 20 years out of it, very few sailors that I know have put that sort of time and energy into their diesels. ...

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  5. More Moeller tank photos

    by , 03-25-2012 at 07:14 PM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)
    Wanted to get all photos into same post, but couldn't quite figure out how to get text where I wanted it.

    This is a detail of the sender opening. Note that there are five nuts molded into the case as it is made, so sender plate just bolts onto them. That vertical stick is the pickup tube at the end on the inside.

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    One thing about getting this tank: The tank I received is different than the tank ...
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