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  1. Another Engine Panel Upgrade Pt 3

    Continued from Part 2.

    Thought I'd post the final chapter of my engine panel upgrade. I finished the wiring back in May and have been happy with the results—mainly, no more surprises during engine start.

    I had to design a new spray cover because I “flipped” the original panel upside down (to put the gauges at the bottom where they are easier to see). As Loren pointed out in a comment, you can't use the original T-shaped cover upside down, or it will trap water. ...

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  2. V-Berth Re-Birth Part I

    Here is the last of the major carpentry projects that I had planned for my E29 interior. The V-Berth Workbench. This one probably isn't for everybody... If it helps, think of it as more of a "dresser." I still consider this one an "experiment." It also incorporates the Webasto heat pump project - which also hasn't yet earned a permanent place on board.

    When I've thought of retiring in the near future and trying the cruising life for a while, I've often thought ...

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  3. Stern Access 30+ Part II

    In response to comments on the previous blog entry. Yes! Access to the quadrant is easy. You do have to lie on your back, but you can scooch right up under it. I constructed a shelf to fit over the fuel tank which is mostly the same level as the quarter berth. Eventually I may put a water heater in there which would disrupt access, but for now it's good. You could even cut further back along the panel to get more access.

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  4. Stern Access 30+

    I have been meaning to post this for awhile but only recently took some pics. The aft end of the 30+ is only accessible through the lazarette. It's not a comfortable space. Add a spare battery various hoses, and a hot water heater and its nearly impossible to get in there. And if one does manage to get in, they may be there for a very long time, possibly forever. Even the marine mechanic inspecting the engine and exhaust complained about getting stuck and he was about 5-3, 130 pounds and very nimble. ...
  5. E29 Starboard Side Storage (Part 2)

    What fools are we to try to force rectangular furniture into our round boats? More properly, these things should be some sort of honeycomb structure, growing organically from the hull while lending it strength. Or perhaps Nautilus chambers. *sigh* but instead, I've gone where everyone has gone before...

    A second problem to solve was that "The E29 has insufficient storage space for a cruising boat," says, everyone who has ever reviewed it. Furthermore, pretty much all the ...

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