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  1. More Debuilding and some scope..

    I was starting to feel pretty good about the sump situation,

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    but once you start cutting, it becomes an addiction. There was the Great Rotten Galley Removal of '17..
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    The delaminated cabin sole liner..
    1/3rd way through cleaning here.. (PS when using mineral spirits, wear a vapor respirator. I got sick for 3 days after a half hour of this..)
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  2. More Problems -- Debuilding.

    So No Problem needed to come clean about it's past, and if I was ever to get my soon to be wife to come aboard, I had to fix the petrole-mold smell. Unfortunately, much of it was not visible due to the liner arrangement. A couple of biopsies did not go well..

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    The keel sump had been filled with lead ingots and haphazardly glassed and filled with "great stuff"-like foam. This was of course never going to work, and I also wanted to ...
  3. "No Problem"

    I guess it's time to introduce "No Problem," the ~1971 Ericson 29 Tall (double spreader model with inboard lowers) hull #8 I picked up two years ago and began to re(build)fit. There will be quite a few chapters in this blog due to the sheer volume of work going into her.

    I want to preface this with the assertion that one should never rebuild an old boat if one wants to sail. I have the distinction of having a '91 Macgregor 26s in a slip at the local lake, so I can still ...

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  4. Another Engine Panel Upgrade Pt 3

    Continued from Part 2.

    Thought I'd post the final chapter of my engine panel upgrade. I finished the wiring back in May and have been happy with the results—mainly, no more surprises during engine start.

    I had to design a new spray cover because I “flipped” the original panel upside down (to put the gauges at the bottom where they are easier to see). As Loren pointed out in a comment, you can't use the original T-shaped cover upside down, or it will trap water. ...

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  5. V-Berth Re-Birth Part I

    Here is the last of the major carpentry projects that I had planned for my E29 interior. The V-Berth Workbench. This one probably isn't for everybody... If it helps, think of it as more of a "dresser." I still consider this one an "experiment." It also incorporates the Webasto heat pump project - which also hasn't yet earned a permanent place on board.

    When I've thought of retiring in the near future and trying the cruising life for a while, I've often thought ...

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