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Kenneth K

  1. Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 2

    (Continued from Part 1):

    The original black engine panel frame was in pretty good shape. The panel-back has a slight rim around the mounting flange which leaves a shallow void behind the screw holes. I think this is why it often cracks beneath the screws. I filled this void with epoxy around all the screw holes. The black plastic itself is pretty flimsy and the panel was deformed somewhat form having the old gauges clamped against it, but it cleaned up nicely with black spray paint. ...

    Updated 06-05-2019 at 09:33 PM by Kenneth K

    Maintenance and Mechanical
  2. Another Engine Panel Upgrade - Pt. 1

    Here’s my posting of my recent Universal engine panel upgrade. The real nuts-and-bolts of engine panel and wiring upgrades has already been posted, thankfully, by C. Williams and T. Metzger (see CW-1, TM-1).

    My write-up assumes you’ve already done Modifications A, B, and C posted in the second link. Still, having done those upgrades, a single, undetermined short disabled my entire panel (by repeatedly tripping the 30A supply fuse) during my first start-up this season. The rat’s-nest ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  3. Last Year's Winter Projects

    And so it goes with owning a boat. As in these are “winter projects” from last winter; things I’m just now finishing up months later than planned. The winter list was something like this:
    - Alter sail cover to fit around Dutchman and add bird-proof netting underneath,
    - Revamp compass and teak base,
    - Re-finish and repair damaged bilge cover-plates and mast trim rings.

    I contracted the sail cover work out over the winter, so that was completed on time and ready ...

    Updated 10-04-2018 at 09:21 AM by Kenneth K

    Maintenance and Mechanical
  4. Forespar MF850 Marelon Ball Valves

    I've replaced five Marelon ball valves on my '85 E32-3 since I bought the boat last year. It wasn't my explicit goal to change out so many valves, I only replaced the ones that stopped working. My E32 has 10 valves; three in the head, four in the galley, and three in the stern. All are either 3/4" (raw-water intakes for engine, galley, and head), or 1 1/4" (head pump-outs (2), galley sink drain, cockpit drains (3), and engine exhaust).

    While Marelon valves take a lot of hits ...

    Updated 12-17-2017 at 11:53 AM by Kenneth K

    Maintenance and Mechanical
  5. Mariah Part IV: Engine Monitoring Systems

    Before rebuilding my exhaust & cooling systems, I was alarmed at how easily the engine would warm up to 185 degrees, requiring me to back-down on the throttle and run at a lower speed. I was also concerned about the lack of warning about rising engine temps--you wouldn't know it unless you happened to look down at a somewhat-hidden temp gauge. It was a similar situation for oil pressure--the idiot light is not in a place that would rapidly grab your attention (and, had no buzzer).

    Updated 08-15-2017 at 12:40 AM by Kenneth K

    Maintenance and Mechanical
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