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  1. the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever...

    Yes, the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever (tm, patent pending, void where prohibited by law, some settling may have occurred during shipping...)

    Some of you may know, I have the only Golden Retriever in history who is scared of water. I've had Goldens pretty much my whole life, and with most of them it was a struggle to keep them OUT of the water. This one... not so much. "Rebel" (so named because he decides when and if he feels like doing what he's told - you can actually watch ...

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  2. Halyard-winch rehab (part 2 of 2)

    Once I knew where things were going to be, I needed to figure out how to build pads to get them to the right height and angle. That was an interesting challenge.

    I first ordered a couple of angled teak winch pads from Amazon. Besides being the wrong diameter, they were nowhere near the right angle. I made some calls and determined that nobody I knew, knew anyone who could (would?) build teak pads to my spec. And *I* certainly dont have the skills to do it.

    My second ...
  3. Halyard-winch rehab (part 1 of 2)

    Big projects start with small ideas

    A while back I decided I wanted to update the deck hardware on either side of my companionway***. The winches were a little small, none of them were self-tailers, and, frankly, the way the lines were led to the clutches sorta bugged me. So I figure,d, Ill just change things a little. Re-do them in a way that feels right to me. No big deal.

    Thus began a project that ended up taking the better part of a month, *after* Id collected ...

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  4. Shelves - aka "things no one will ever care about but me"

    KennethK and I had an email conversation a month or so back about good places to stow things on a 32-III. There are only so many "spots" for things, and one of my laments was that there was no really great spot for things like gloves and hats and things that are rarely used, but that you want to keep organized and dry.

    Both of us are using the lockers under dinette- and settee-seats for bins full of tools and assorted gear, so that space is sort of spoken for. Galley drawers ...

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  5. Battery Kindergarten (part 3 of 3) Best practices and sources

    Best practices

    Discharge Floor
    As a rule of thumb, limit discharge to 50% of capacity
    don't pull more than 50Ah from a 100Ah battery
    Don't allow no-load/rested voltage to drop below 12.0V
    Going lower will shorten the life of the battery

    Available Amp-hours
    As a rule of thumb, assume battery is normally charged up to 90%
    Means usable range is 40% of battery's capacity (from 90% down to 50%)
    Useful for estimating capacity need:

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