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  1. New Spectra Topping Lift

    The original Ericson topping lift was heavy stainless wire, coated in vinyl. I've tossed it, but the effective diameter was 3/8ths or more. It was dirty--how do you clean a fixed topping lift? I was unable to easily check the top shackle. The swaged loop at the foot of it connected to the internal leader with a shackle, which made a rather clumsy thing banging around overhead. And the leader had meat hooks, from which my regular application of failing vinyl tape provided a nice flag blowing ...

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  2. E38--Stern Rail Jump Seat

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    Visibility at the helm is fine on the E38, especially without a dodger. In fact, with a wheel pilot I'm seldom actually "at the helm," but rather nearby or next to it, steering by the buttons.

    That means standing up, because if I sit down on one of the comfortable quarter seats, nicely protected by the weather cloths, I can't see forward sufficient to identify a paddleboarder and her dog prior to violently separating them, or scaring ...

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  3. Ericson 38--Varnish, Again

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    I've had oiled teak and varnished teak, and in the end, for me at least, the maintenance comes out the same. Here in SoCal, oiling--after cleaning and bleaching, is best done every three months. Varnish--just two maintenance coats over a sound base--is every 18 months or so. Both are pleasing to my eye, and the periodic effort is much reduced by memories of letting wood go too long, and having to start over.

    In many years of varnishing I ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  4. Cover for the Dinghy, with Name

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    Yes, yet another cover. But the dinghy is wood, with Brightside paint and some exterior varnish, so a cover beats maintenance.

    I have invented many arguments to skip the patterning steps for these canvas projects, utilizing my amazingly accurate eyeballs, a few quick measurements, a rough sketch, and then Jack Daniels. I have found this method successful in making a sloppy job with numerous refits, and in proving how many measurements you ...

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  5. Ericson 38--Overdrilling Mount Holes, Anchor Lid Pin Repair

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    The Eastport pram is 7 feet 9 inches long, weighs only about 65 pounds, and fits nicely on the foredeck.

    I reshaped the transom to conform to the camber, and padded it at the two contact points. The Taylor bumper rail makes a permanent soft landing for the bow. Two stern lines tie pretty well to the dorade guard before the mast, but that is where tying pretty well ends.

    What is needed for the bow is a folding padeye for a simple ...

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    Ericson Ownership
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