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the dream of dawn

  1. E29 Starboard Side Storage (Part 2)

    What fools are we to try to force rectangular furniture into our round boats? More properly, these things should be some sort of honeycomb structure, growing organically from the hull while lending it strength. Or perhaps Nautilus chambers. *sigh* but instead, I've gone where everyone has gone before...

    A second problem to solve was that "The E29 has insufficient storage space for a cruising boat," says, everyone who has ever reviewed it. Furthermore, pretty much all the ...

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  2. Galley Deets

    Can't seem to add photos to the "comments" section, so I'll tack on an extra post.

    Thanks all, for the kind words. Soft focus is a friend to some of the details...

    I should add that this, like most of my "additions" was made so that it can be easily removed, if putative future owners don't appreciate it, or the port settee somehow becomes vital to reclaim.

    Here come more details than most would want to know:

    I did purchase ...

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  3. Galley Extension E29

    Last winter and spring, I committed a few more projects / abominations on my boat. These next few posts confess to some interior modifications that I have been thinking about for a few years and finally executed while the boat was hauled-out and sitting next to the workshop for nine months. The overall goal of these was to explore how the E29 might be converted to more of a cruising boat, and increase "livaboardability."

    One thing that I always run into (and mercifully ...

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  4. Launched!

    Summer has been getting out of hand. Finally, I realized that if i didn't get Arcturus launched before the end of the month, it was going to be out for the whole year. So in it went.

    A funny thing happens when you start telling people that you need to take time off to work on your boat, and sail away for a few weeks. Everyone has a project that just has to be done first! I've barely left the office all summer. I'm going to remember this ploy next time that business is slow... Lately, ...
  5. Grease It Up. Or raather Down.

    Recently, I installed a grease fitting for the lower rudder bearing. A quick little project that is at least whole and complete, in contrast to the many not-quite finished things going on around here.

    The rudder shaft rides on two bronze bearing/bushings. One in the deck plate at the top and one at the bottom of the rudder tube. There is a zerk to grease the top one, but the grease doesn't seem to work its way to the bottom. There is already some wear and a bit of a "clunk" ...

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