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Thread: Interior Cushion Upholstery Material

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    Interior Cushion Upholstery Material

    The V-Berth and quarterberth cushions on my 1984 E-28+ have had it with splits in them.

    The thing is I love the material. It is a dark (but lighter than Navy) blue with white dots. I think it is Ericson original since I've seen this same pattern on Ericsons of that vintage listed on Yachtworld.

    Would love to find matching fabric. First, because I just like the pattern. Second, the main cabin cushions are still in great condition and it would save me some bucks if I only had to replace the V and quarter cushions.

    Anybody know a source?

    My backup is to locate a solid color fabric as close in color to the main cabin cushions as possible. Purchase extra fabric for those cushions, do the v and quarters. Then see if I like the result or see if it drive me nuts. Then the next season do the main cabin cushions. At least that spreads the cost out a little in the budget.
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    Do a search

    Do a search here in the list, and an upholster and member went looking for it a while back. He found out what it was, and found out that it is no longer available.


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