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Thread: Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach

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    Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach

    Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach

    I found this place while searching Craig's List in LA. The place has no sign in front and you would never know it's there. I checked it out on Saturday and it's kind of like a Pick A Part for Sailboats. I think they are getting a lot of scrap hardware from derelict boats that the Port Of LA has been having scraped.

    They have Outboards, winches, blocks, sails, fittings, safety gear, , bow rollers, anchors, chain, road, halyards, teak and on and on. Nothing is priced and I found it best to just make a offer on stuff. I saw some guys come in with bolt and wire cutters to take hardware off of spars.

    It's located near the corner of 17th & Hays Streets in Long Beach just off PCH, west of the 710 FWY. Call Valerie 562-200-9108 for directions.

    Here's the ad I responded to on Craig's List:

    Beautiful Entryway Hatch For 27 Ericson - $200 (Long Beach)

    Refinished teak,gorgeous.

    This is the Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach.

    Call Valerie 562-200-9108

    I actually went and checked this out. Nice shape, could use some maintenance coats of spar varnish. It looked a tad tall for my boat that has the traveler over the Companion Way. I did not take measurements but I think it would defiantly fit a E-27. They also had a Formica E-27 table there that needed a little work on one of the hinges.

    Oh Yeah, I bought two used Winchard Snap Shackles for 10 bucks each that are listed in the WM Catalog for almost 58 bucks each. My friend bought a whisker pole that needed a end fitting for 5 bucks.

    I will defiantly be going back.
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