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Thread: Galvanic (Hot Marina Testing)

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    Question Galvanic (Hot Marina Testing)

    Anyone know how to test a marina for a hot boat? For that matter it is possably the facility is leaking. So how would you test for that?
    Tom Plummer
    SV Jessie E35-2

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    Galvanic / Stray current testing

    Tom, Check out David Rifkins web site at , also google "David Rifkin IBEX". Two presentations by him at IBEX should come up that show how to check for stray current. If you believe you have a problem you may want to talk to David directly and he should be able to direct you to someone in your area who is trained to do corrosion / stray current surveys. The process is very involved and the person checking for stray current needs to understand and be experienced with the electrical properties involved.

    Michael Tock S.A.

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    Multimeter and Calibrated Zinc

    There is a local guy who presents are Milltown Sailing each year who uses a calibrated zinc to a multimeter to give you an exact reading. Otherwise, you can attach a very small piece of zinc to a DVM lead, drop it in the water, and then test various points on your boat. I'll see if I can come up with the specifics since he provided handouts.


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