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Thread: PSC E 38 Shroud Turnbuckles

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    PSC E 38 Shroud Turnbuckles

    I was thinking about replacing the turnbukles on my e 38 . I went to Navtec and discovered they had a Phuket agent/distributor. he went to my boat and reported as follows.

    "The problem being that you turnbuckles are unconventional in that they are have inverted toggles to match the rectangular shape of the chainplate. Current turnbuckles have an integral toggle with a forged pin that is not removable and therefore the toggle is not reversible. To use a conventional turnbukle with the clevis pin at the bottom of the toggle will point load your chainplates. You may regard this as unacceptable. "

    "The only way I can immitate the existing arrangement would be to have our navtec turnbuckles re-engineered locally. This would involve removing the forged pin by cutting and drilling and then inverting the toggle."

    I have looked at the Navtec picture and the one taken of my e38 shroud base and to me it seems that the simple way is to just supply the turnbuckle only and forget the toggle.

    Does anybody have a comment on this??
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    Don't have to use Navtec gear. Thast what I did. I used new hardware from Take a look. You should be able to find new double jaw toggles, threaded eyes, and turnbuckle barrels just like what you have in the picture of your boat. This is an easy swap out yourself job. Make sure to coat the threads in lanocote on reassembly and I would only do one shroud at a time
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    PSC E38 Toggles and Turnbuckles

    I brought the strange design and difference in the specifications (which appear in the specs on this site) of the shroud turnbuckles and lower toggles up to Tom Dougan of Furling and Rigging in Newport Beach. He told me this was a modification done by PSC. He also said he has both the turnbuckles and the Toggles in stock as they were the supplier.

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    How are you and Peregrine Spirit's Sistership in Thailand doing? Thanks for the information on Furling and Rigging in Newport. It will come in handy if I need to change my toggles.

    Do you have the standard fixed Lewmar ports? Mine are crazed now and I would like to replace them. I am concerned about removing them since the inside decorative molding covers the screws and I can't figure out how to remove it without breaking it. I am hoping that you have done this before and might offer some hints.

    Tony Van Houweling
    Peregrine Spirit
    PSC E380 #16

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    Lewmar Ports E38

    Hi Tony,

    Yes my fixed ports are aslo crazed from the tropical sun. I want to replace but also don't know the best procedure. My Lewmar Ocean hatch above the forward cabin is also crazed plus has been cracked by a snagged genoa sheet, plus the port side screws witch are only into wood backing are stripped. The hatch I thought about DHL to that place in the States that rebuilds them and sends them back to you. For the striped screw I thought about a stainless backing plate with cap screws but this backing plate would be right on top of the interior window trim.



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