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Thread: Navtec Double Turnbuckles

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    Navtec Double Turnbuckles

    I lost a lower shroud on my E32 last week when the center body of my Navtec double turnbuckle popped. A neighbor took a quick look and proclaimed, “Oh, Navtec recalled those years ago”. True enough, the stainless steel center bodies had been recalled for a bronze replacement but, of course, the recall was history and my already thin wallet is in for a hit as I need to replace all nine (8 shrouds and one backstay) centerbodies. Has anyone out there had a similar experience with the Navtec double turnbuckles?

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    Our Forestay has one...

    Our rigging inspection/quote process this spring revealed one of those on our forestay. Our rigger said they would replace it free of charge, just the labor. He said navtec was really good about re-imbursing them for stuff like this. They understand that recalls like this sometimes take some time. I'd try calling your rigger and see what they say about it.
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    The specs on our 1984 Ericson 30+ boat mention Navtec turnbuckles--they look chromed, so how can I tell if they are the recalled stainless steel ones, or have been replaced? Also, if it's just the turnbuckles that need replacing, why would there be much labour--it seems one would just support each affected shroud with a tensioned halyard, undo the turnbuckle, add the new one, and eventually re-tune...right?
    Thanks for any help with this.

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    Kirby, Navtec has long since ceased replacement of the stainless screws with bronze ones. It wasn't a recall but a replacement program so the time limit was set by Navtec. That said, they replaced them for many years. As far as an affordable replacement is concerned, try visiting Kelly Marine in san Pedro, on 22nd. St. You can call them at 310.548.5348 for an exact address if you don't know the place. They always have a large selection of used Navtec turnbuckles and I'll bet that they have just the screw you need. Bring your old stainless one with you for size and get a bronze one. The question of how to tell stainless from chromed bronze came up eariler. If a bronze one has seen any service, there will be traces of green in the threads. If that doesn't work, bring a small file along and hit one end of a screw with it and check for the color of the base material. Minnny's is also a good source for Navtec turnbuckles too but Kelly's is much closer to you. Be prepared to buy the whole turnbuckle assembly as that's probably how they'll want to sell them to you. It makes sense sell them that way from their point of view. Good luck, Glyn

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    Worse comes to worse, Bay Sailing Equipment in Fall River, MA will sell you any Navtec part you need without having to buy a complete unit. Don't have the contact info but let your fingers do the walkin'....
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