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Thread: Anybody try SCAR Pins for Turnbuckles?

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    Anybody try SCAR Pins for Turnbuckles?

    For some reason I always seemed to have to redo the tension on my rig from time to time. So rather than use normal cotter pins in the turnbuckles, I used large stainless split rings. Which worked pretty well, and was quite secure, but did still sometimes catch on the running rigging.

    Well a couple of days ago I got a copy of the new Layline catalog, and on page 45 ( ) they had something called SCAR pins. They are basically a cotter pin mounted through a length of two sided Velcro. You stick the pin through the hole in the turnbuckle, then wrap the Velcro around the whole to keep the pin in place. Pretty slick if you want to be able to quickly alter the tunning of your rig. If I still had Rag Doll I would definitely be using them.
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    Those look like very prarctical little gizmos!

    The reason you have to "re-tune" from time to time is that the wire does stretch over time-and especially after a heavy air sail. The stretch will diminish over time, but not stop completely-unless you have rod rigging (and I have heard that even this will have a SMALL amount when first installed and used under load)....


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    Practical Sailor raved about them - I've been thinking about getting them myself, seems like I'm always slashing some body part with a sharpened cotter pin.

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