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Thread: E38-200 Head Pump Access-NEED HELP (Seth, Help!!!)

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    Unhappy E38-200 Head Pump Access-NEED HELP (Seth, Help!!!)

    In the course of breaking in the boat last week, I inadvertantly destroyed the manual pump in the head. We sailed out of SF bay where I decided to pump a LOT of water into to the holding tank to flush it out before I hauled here to seattle (yes, we had pumped out at the dock before leaving). In the process, I opend the wrong seacock and exploded the diaphram in the manual pump. I want to replace it, but found out that I can not access it without removing the fiberglass sink assembly.

    What is the trick on the 38-200 with the aft head? I'd appreciate anyone who knows this configuration (Seth, where are you).


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    check with Ted...

    Hey Shaun,
    Ted has done some major work on his head... I'm sure he'll have some good ideas too. I believe that pump is a "pump out" pump... not a "pump in" pump. So things might not be as serious as they seem. I have never used that pump before- we always pump out through the deck fitting. And if you need to, you should be able to get access through the under sink cabinet if you work around the drawer.
    Check out Ted's link here:
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    Thanks for the link to Ted's previous thread; unfortunately it doesn't apply to my situation. In the photos, you see that the pump is under the sink. In my configuration (lucky me), it is behind the head. I tried to reach in to get to the nuts, but my arm wasn't long enough to reach them. Also, disassembly/reassembly of the pump will require very good access. What I'm trying to figure out is how are the various fiberglass pieces installed? Are they just bonded with 4200 style adhesive. If so, I can probably get sufficient access by removing the drain assembly.

    thanks for responding.

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    Did you ever find a solution?

    Hi Shaun - did you ever figure out how to get access to the manual pump to empty the holding tank? And what kind of pump was it? Thanks!

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