I've got a collection of 10 and 20 year old North and Quantum sails and ought to replace at least the old ones and have two questions. Price is a factor, so I'm looking at Dacron and the jib is on a roller.

1. I'm a cruiser in the Chesapeake area with hopes to make it to the Bahamas before too long. The original boat owner was definitely a racer and the older jib is 150%. For you on the Chesapeake with a 32, would you suggest staying with the 150 or go to another size? Folks are going to answer by saying "talk to your local sail loft" and I've already started doing that but not yet had somebody from a loft come to the boat. The reason for posting this question first is because the people I have spoken to are either at two of the lofts or they don't own Ericsons in this area, let alone a 1980s 32.

2. Being in the Annapolis area, we are blessed with no less than FIVE well-known lofts, North, Quantum, Ullman, Bacon, and Chesapeake. North and Quantum are considered to be the better Ford and Chevy sailmakers, in that you know that you will get a good product and they have great warranties. I like Bacon but their backlog is months long and have no experience with either Ullman (great rep but pricey?) or Chesapeake Sails. I already know of people who have had good experience with each of these lofts, so am not asking "Whose sails do you use?"
My question #2 even for the non-area crowd, is what experience or recommendations do you have in comparing the five lofts.