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Thread: APS 25% off all line, hardware

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    APS 25% off all line, hardware

    APS has apparently decided to focus on apparel, and is closing out all their stock of line, hardware and "accessories" (including books, tools, navigation gear...).

    25% off everything in those categories until it is gone.




    Some great deals (have never seen Harken blocks at 25% off before...)

    No connection with them other than as a customer, but thought I'd pass it along.

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    On the ropes/sheets, West Marine is running a sale through tomorrow with a few cents better pricing.

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    I wanted some more Regatta Braid, but APS only had 34 feet left.

    West Marine sale price $.75/foot, and they're shipping to my home for free.
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    Thumbs up Good Price on line, indeed

    The discount on line at WM ends 8-11.
    I just bought two 105 foot spinnaker halyards, in New England VPC. 5/16", about $160., with no shipping charge.
    They were sold out in the store, btw, so ordered on line.
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