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Thread: Yard recommendations: Western Lake Michigan, WI preferred

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    Yard recommendations: Western Lake Michigan, WI preferred

    So it looks like I'm gonna own an E38-200 in a week or two. Right now the boat and cradle are at Larsen Marine in Waukegan, IL. We'll get a slip in Milwaukee for the summer, but it looks like all of the yards there are full for the winter. We may try to keep it back down in Waukegan for the winter since that way we don't have to move the cradle, but it would be nice to be somewhere a little closer to Madison because the boat does need some work. If there's a highly recommended yard though I'm willing to drive further.

    So, can anyone recommend a yard between Waukegan and Manitowoc?
    If not there, where else?

    I think we'll pull the mast for the winter so it can be worked on, rig inspected, etc. Indoor could be nice, but seems awfully expensive. Needs to be somewhere that will let me work on the boat.

    Let me know who you like!

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    South Port Marina in Kenosha

    You may want to check South Port Marina in Kenosha WI; 24 miles south of Milwaukee. No affiliation!
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