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Thread: Ericson 26 on CL

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    You can do all those cruises once familiar with the boat.

    Your cruising ground is sometimes a piece of cake, and at other times provides great challenges of current, fog, shoals and crowds.

    What you have (that California does not) is a near infinite number friendly, close harbors to quickly provide experience in how far you want to go, and how to do it.
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    Hi Newbie,

    My 1984 E26-2 was the 3' 11" shoal keel. I sailed to all those places with no problems. The shoal keel versions of all the Ericsons have nearly the same stability as the deep keels. If they didn't, they would need to have shorter rigs and less sail area (which they don't). The E25+ brochure, same hull and rig as the E26 which it became in 1984, states the CG of the shoal keel is within 3 inches of the deep keel. What you give up for the reduced draft is a slightly higher lift, lower drag keel shape which is most advantageous going upwind and racing. I never felt my shoal E26 didn't perform well.

    Loren is correct about the fractional rig and equal jib and main sizes. The E26 sail sizes are quite manageable, even up to a 150 LP genoa on hanks which I had. A typical furling 120-140 LP genoa would be a piece of cake to manage. I added a simple block and tackle backstay adjuster to the split backstay which really helps to depower the mainsail when it gets windy. Between the furling jib and reefing fractional mainsail, you can not get a more user friendly, easy to adjust sail plan.

    OK, It was me who started the rumor that this boat has a wheel. It does have a tiller which you can see folded up by the transom and boarding ladder in the second picture.

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