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Thread: Problem unfurling headsail

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    Angry Problem unfurling headsail

    I have a 1987 Ericson 26-2, recently purchased and am unable to completely unfurl the jib. It will unfurl about half way, and bind up. The furling line isnít stuck, but I see no reason for it to lock up
    able to furl it back in
    Any suggestions?

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    check the obvious

    Is there too much line wrapped around the furling drum?

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    Also obvious: Halyard wrapping around the top end?
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    That appears to be the problem
    Thanks for the advice

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    In calm wind conditions unwrap the sail and halyard. Then raise the sail higher on the foil to eliminate as much exposed halyard as possible and install a pendant to connect the bottom of the sail to the furler drum. The next time the mast is down install a halyard restrainer. This assumes you have an all rope halyard. If it's wire and severely twisted then there may be a bigger problem in getting the sail down. Once down get rid of the wire and change to all rope.
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    Another possibility is bearing failure on the upper swivel. On my boat, the sail would furl one way but not the other. Cleaning and lubing it (generally not recommended) would work for a while then it would fail again. Replacing the swivel solved the problem. The Mark 11 fuller had no parts available but I found a new one on the net. Perservance paid off in the search.
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    Just had a similar problem in that the furler would not unroll the last couple of turns. Inspection revealed that the sail pre-feeder had made its way into the space between the luff and the foil just above the tack shackle and was stopping the drum from turning.
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