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Thread: Ericson 25+ auction in Portland

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    Exclamation Ericson 25+ auction in Portland

    I will have more details soon but our club is about to sell off a 1981 E-25+ that was abandoned at our moorage.
    The Club isin the final stages of acquiring the title so that we can legally dispose of it.
    Here is the model info:

    Note: This is *not* the earlier 70's E-25, rather is the newer model that later evolved into the 1980's Ericson 26.

    Needs a lot of cleanup and work. Basics seem to be there, like spars and standing rig. No motor, and the motor mount needs a new board.
    Running rigging is gross looking but appears to all be there.
    Sail condition is unknown.
    Pulpits and stanchions appear to be all good. The lid to the anchor locker is broken.

    *Date and Time is Noon, May 29. Only possible delay could be that we may not yet have a title by then, but we do expect to have it.
    I will certainly announce any change or update.

    Successful bidder will be required to remove it by towing it away, by ten days from the date of sale. Absolutely.

    Thank you!

    Email me if you have questions.


    Sailaway10 AT comcast DOT net
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