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Thread: No pressure water after filling tanks?

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    No pressure water after filling tanks?

    I've been asked this twice in a week, so here's a reminder of classic E38 tricks that may apply to other boats.

    If an air lock develops in fresh water plumbing (no pressure water), then run the water pump and:

    1. Seal end of the sink overflow vent for a moment with a finger.

    2. Pump the foot pumps.

    The main tank vent runs through the foot pumps. Since they don't get used a lot they dry out and develop harmless air leaks. Pumping them reprimes the system.
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    On our E30+, I have to open the galley and head taps, hot and cold for a short while to release air bubbles until the sputtering stops and water runs free. After doing that, everything works fine. I guess maybe the system components vary a bit among the different E boats.


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    Thank you!

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