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Thread: E381 Bow Pulpit Needed

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    E381 Bow Pulpit Needed

    Does anyone have a bow pulpit for sale for a 1983 E38 ??.....Im not sure what years are interchangeable but if you have 1 available, that would be great. Ours has been bent and cracked since we bought the boat.


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    Sorry, I do not have a pulpit to offer, but a recent incident involving reversing and a bridge has taught me that local welders can do a very nice job recreating the rails.

    If you do go that route remember to ask them make an internal route for wiring for the bow lights. Hopefully the mounts on the deck can be reused.
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    Agree. Around here I would take the existing pulpit to an outfit like railmakers ( to be repaired or copied.

    Yacht surplus outlets might have one. But for most of us they're hard to store and impossible to ship. I had a pulpit in my garage for 10 years and finally sawed it up.
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    + 1 on Christian's comment

    I have a stern rail from a 81' E-28+ I've had for eight years. It also is too large to continue to store and will soon be recycled. I was lucky to be able to sell the 81' bow pulpit to another Ericson owner years ago. Railmakers is a good source.
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