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Thread: Newbie. Ericson 35 MKII. Atomic 4 issues. Feeling discouraged. Need Advice. Help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markvone View Post

    For those of us old enough to have worked on cars with points and watched the transition to electronic ignition, no distributor and total computer control, the points were the weak link by far. If there is an electronic ignition conversion for the Atomic 4 (and I'm sure there is) get it!

    There are two different EI kits on the market for the Atomic 4. Moyer sells one based on the "Ignitor" brand EI kit. This replaces the points with a Hall-Effect sensor that detects the rotor spinning past, and is the cheaper kit. Indigo sells one based on the Crane/Cams Fast EI kit. This uses an optical sensor to detect the rotor breaking the beam.

    I'm not sure which is "better," but the kit from Indigo replaces more parts (plugs, wires, coil) so if you are replacing those parts anyway, that one might be the way to go. But if you recently have replaced those parts, the kit from Moyer might be more cost effective.

    BTW: I have had both optical sensors and hall-effect sensors go bad on different equipment, so I'm keeping the original ignition parts wrapped up in a dry place... I figure as long as I waste space and effort keeping them around, the new stuff will never fail.
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    +1 on the electronic ignition

    We switched over to the Moyer kit about 10 years ago. Aside from replacing the spark plugs every few years, the electronic ignition makes the ignition system hassle free.

    My E32 has the original A-4. The only problems I have had with it are fuel related (twice), and a bad connection for the ignition switch (once). Treat the gas with stabil. You'll be a lot happier.
    Chris Simenstad
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    Switch to non-ethanol gas. You will be reawarded many times over. It's more expensive but saves large numbers of repairs.
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    We re back up and running! And yes I ordered the Moyer EI Kit! Plan on converting this week!

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    Please let us all know how th EI conversion goes.

    I'm in progress with the Indigo EI kit (I needed the extra parts anyway so the price works out about the same.).
    While on the phone with them, solved my hard-to-start-but-runs-well-when-it-starts problem.
    Choke cable not tightened correctly so choke not completely closing. Easy fix.

    Would a mechanic have replaced every engine part before coming up with that ?

    Nice to have two helpful sources on the A-4: Moyer and Indigo.

    Steve and Paula
    Indigo E35-2 #446

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